Adolescents on Social Media: Guide for Parents

Send the Cyber Safety Workshop home to parents…

The short video series ‘Adolescents on Social Media: Guide for Parents’ were developed by myself, Jamie Roberts, in response to hearing the same statement from Educators at the many parenting workshops I have facilitated on supporting young people online….”That was great but I wish we could get more parents to attend these workshops!”

With over 15 years’ experience working with schools to provide a range of wellbeing related programs, I know there are many great cyber safety resources out there for students (including a few I have worked on myself), but when it comes to providing parents with plain English, practical information and suggestions without the lecture, the simplest approach for schools has still been

to run expensive evening workshops where often the parents who could most benefit are absent.

Adolescents on Social Media: Guide for Parents is a growing series of short videos covering a range of information, parenting strategies and ideas designed to help parents better understand how young people are interacting on social media, and what they can do to guide their children in avoiding issues relating to reputation, privacy and online bullying.

Best of all, it’s a way for schools to reach parents in their homes either by sharing access to the series via the school newsletter or Facebook page, embedding the videos on the school

website, having DVD copies to borrow in the school library, and staff taking every opportunity to direct parents to the resource as issues arise.

Please browse the video titles below and select one that is most relevant to your schools immediate needs. We will email you with a link to download the video, as well as a related newsletter article and sharing details free of charge.

The only thing I ask is that you drop me a quick email after using the video to let me know how you’ve used it and how your parents have responded to it.

Best Wishes, Jamie Roberts


Get free access to one of the below six videos along with a corresponding newsletter article for your school. Simply click on the video you would like to receive!


Parents will better understand why social media is so alluring for adolescents. Defining reputation management, a moral compass, and a look at the developing adolescent brain.

This short video looks at the types of behaviours young people should avoid in minimising the risk of damaging online reputations, as well as potential privacy and social issues.

The conversations to have before things go wrong. Balance between offline/online activity, internet access, keeping communication open, conflict action plans, and avoiding internet bans.

An overview of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat along with tutorials on each of their privacy settings. A brief look at Tumblr, Youtube and Twitter.

Why who young people ‘friend’ online matters. Types of online bullying and ways to avoid it, and respond to it. What parents active on social media should avoid. When to let school know.

How parents can intervene when they are concerned their child is spending too much time online. A guide to discussing online activity using a  constructive and supportive approach. Getting outside help.